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Grant Nominations:
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Nominate a Brain Injury Survivor for a Birdies4Brains Grant

Submitting a Grant Nomination is Easy

If you know someone in our community who has a specific need as a result of suffering either an acquired or traumatic brain injury, please complete our grant nomination form below.

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Grant Nomination Form

Please complete the form below and click the submit button.

Nominee Contact Information

What to Expect

We strive to customize our grants to meet the needs of each brain injury survivor experiencing financial hardship.

The grant assessment is comprehensive and involves verifying the financial gap and coordinating the logistics related to the grant itself.


The life cycle of a grant nomination is typically 4-6 weeks and includes a general assessment, a review of submitted documents, a proposal to our Board of Directors who then vote on the proposal, communication regarding the decision, and coordinating the logistics for distributing payment of the grant award.

After you submit this form, the system will notify our Executive Director, who will inform the Board of Directors.  A board member is typically assigned within 5 business days. They will then reach out to you and/or the grant nominee to begin the assessment process.

Please note that due to an increased volume of grants nomination submissions, the timelines noted above may be longer.

As part of the assessment process, we request copies of overdue bills, service and/or equipment cost estimates, receipts, etc. 


NEW!!  You may now upload files as part of the application - see below.


Once the initial assessment is complete and it is determined your nomination is eligible for a grant, the board member will propose a grant award for the Board of Directors to review.  Each board member will vote to approve or deny the grant nomination.  If a nomination receives a majority of yes votes, the grant is approved and the process to coordinate the logistics for distributing payment of the grant begins.


Nominators and/or nominees will be informed of the voting outcome by their assigned board member.  If approved, the nominee will receive either a mailed or emailed grant letter confirming the grant awarded and how the grant will be distributed.  If not approved, the nominee will be informed via email or phone.

Please note that it is Birdies4Brains' practice to distribute grants via direct bill payment to reduce risk of fraud and/or theft.

Nominator Contact Information

How did you hear about the Birdies4Brains Grant?

Grant Proposal

Estimated Grant Amount
Does the nominee know you are submitting a grant nomination on their behalf?

In the space below, please include:

(1) A summary of the nominee's brain injury story to help us better understand their journey to date.  This may include the type of brain injury sustained, when and how it happened, and their recovery experience.

(2) A summary of how the grant funds would be used.  This may include but is not limited to such examples as overdue bills, medical equipment, home repairs, gas, groceries, and therapy services to name a few.

(3) Upload any supporting documents including copies of overdue bills, service and/or equipment cost estimates, receipts, etc. to help expedite the grant assessment process.  Note: Max of 4 image ( jpg, png) files and max of 4 document (pdf) files.

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Thank you for submitting the Birdies4Brains Grant Nomination Form!

Your Grant Nomination Can Make a Difference

Our board meets monthly to review grant submissions.  It is our goal to use the funds we raise to customize the grants we award that accomplish specific goals unique to each brain injury survivor.